Attention: Children 13 Years and Younger —

Starting April 21, 2000, a new law puts you and your parents in charge of your personal identifying information. Websites that ask for certain information about kids under 13 have to get their parents permission to get the information. This means that you and your parents can talk about the information the website collects and decide together if it’s information you want to give.

Why is this law important? Because it can stop website operators who might misuse information they collect from kids like you. This law protects you by asking your parents to give websites their permission to collect information from you. Now you and your parents will know what information is being collected and how it will be used

Registration of E-mail Address

There is no registration required in order to take advantage of the games and fun links provided in our "Fun For Kids" or " " pages. However, in some of our site pages we offer the opportunity to submit your favorite site with registration of an e-mail address. We also offer a free newsletter to interested persons and, from time to time, may offer a site contest. We do not ask for personal information from adults or children. If you find yourself subscribed to our free newsletter and do not wish to receive it, simply e-mail us at or call us at 816-417-0776 and we will delete your address from our files. InfoKwik Internet Solutions, like many Internet services providers, believes that an interactive site helps us to better create the kind of sites you want. We only collect information you voluntarily supply us. For our newsletter we collect your e-mail address, a name and a zip code. We stress parental involvement and permission before you supply any information. Our chat rooms are designed for adults and for teens over 13 years of age. The teen chat room is monitored and users can be expelled if their content is not suitable. Our recommendation is that children should never tell strangers where they live, their phone number, or ever agree to meet them, at least not without the permission of a parent.

Our Business Partners

In order for your community sites to remain free sites they are being supported, in part, through responsible advertising. Along with relevant advertising information, our business partners may request voluntary information from you or provide free newsletters, drawings or contests.

External Links

InfoKwik Internet Solutions contains links to other sites which you may find fun and educational, however, we maintain no responsibility for the privacy practices or content of such web sites.

Dear Parents and Educators,

We strongly urge you to monitor your children's Internet activities and to become educated about Internet practices affecting children. We also encourage you to tell us what is important to you in this area. If you have questions or concerns you can send an e-mail message to