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Thank you for downloading the Mi Ni Pai host kit. This kit is designed to help you prepare your own Mi Ni Pai edition and put it out on the web for the world to enjoy.

What is Mi Ni Pai

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What's New

Free Technical Help

Mi Ni Pai will provide free technical support to help you get your edition formatted, up and running. If you have any trouble whatsoever, just e-mail MiNiPai@aol.com, and your problem will be solved quickly and easily.

What's Here

Don't Panic!

There is a lot of documentation here for a lot of options (bells and whistles is the "technical" term). Despite all of this, putting a Mi Ni Pai edition together can be as simple as finding a background image, formatting 36 tile images, and plugging in some boiler plate HTML. If you come across something in this documentation that you don't understand or don't like, just skip over it (until you feel like going back to it).

Road Map

What follows is a step by step guide to setting up a Mi Ni Pai edition. After you have followed this process once and learn what is involved, you can create future editions in any sequence you wish.

Review Fees and Obligations
Choose your subject
Components and Options
Create your tile collections
Choose your sounds (optional)
Set up the HTML and applet
Test your game!
Register the applet with Mi Ni Pai

Where to go from here

This document contains separate sections which address areas concerning both the creation and maintenance of Mi Ni Pai games. When setting up your first game, it is better to follow the links in the Road Map above, in sequence. Afterwards, the following organization of links may prove to be more practical...

What Is Mi Ni Pai
What's In The Host Kit

About Java
Web Page Design
Choosing a Subject
Web Graphics
Game Components, Options
Testing on the Web
Creating Tile Collections
Applet Template
Managing Sounds
Registration and Liscensing
Applet HTML
Fees and Obligations
Applet Parameters
Support and Upgrades
Removal Effects
Brief Instructions
File Organization
Command Summary

Without the Internet
Utilities and Resources
Sample Games

I Want To Hear From You

If you have any input at all, I want to hear it. Is the documentation clear? Is it well organized? Does the program function well? Do you have some ideas? A way to do things better? A feature you'd like to see? If you have anything to say, anything at all, please take a moment to e-mail me at MiNiPai@aol.com.

And thank you for trying out Mi Ni Pai.

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