Web Page Design


Once your applet is prepared, you need to design the web pages which will lead to and hold the applet. You will of course wish to design those pages in line with the general feel of the rest of your site, with a few special considerations.


Embedded Applet or Window?

Mi Ni Pai gives you the option of embedding the full applet in a web page, or opening the game in it's own special applet (non-web page) window by using the window parameter. Many browsers use screen space for menus, tool bars, and the like. This may cut into the space you need for your game, and you can get around this problem by opening the game in its own window. In other cases, you may wish to "dress up" the area around the applet and leave it embedded in the page.

Leading Pages

You may be able to fit everything you need onto one page, but more likely you will want two use a leading page which links to the actual applet. The leading page can be used to include an introduction, instructions and other links.


You will wish to include at least rudimentary instructions on playing the game. These instructions should be very simple, and should point out any special aspects of your edition (such as complex tile sets, load options, sound options, etc.).

The following are the recommended brief instructions for the game:

Mi Ni Pai is a solitaire tile matching game.
The object of the game is to remove all of the tiles.
Tiles must be removed in matching pairs, and only tiles which are not "trapped" may be matched.
A tile is trapped if it has other tiles on both sides or above it (even partially).

Click on a tile to select it. Click on a matching tile to remove the pair.
Double-click a tile to see it more clearly.
When you match all 4 tiles in a set, you will be treated to a bonus image.

O Options screen
Control-N Start a new game
Control-S Start this game over
Delete Undo the last match
R Redo the last undo
H Help
Control-C Get a clue (repeat for better clues)

You may wish to expand on the term "matching" if you use complex tile sets (e.g. "
NOTE: Matching tiles don't always look the same!").

If you do not include zooms or bonus images, you should remove those references from your instructions.

Load Options

If you include large sounds or music you may wish to give your players the option of loading one of several variations on your edition, as suits their taste and connection speed.

Note that some edition variations require separate license fees. Refer to the definition of an
edition for more information.


You may want to provide links to related Mi Ni Pai games. Mi Ni Pai also requires that you provide a link to the Mi Ni Pai home page using approved graphics or verbage (licensee obligations).

Mi Ni Pai Graphics

Adult Content

Since Mi Ni Pai is a game, it is expected that children and young adults will use search engines to find other editions. To prevent these innocent searches from yielding sites with adult content, any pages which carry adult content, refer to Mi Ni Pai and which are available to any commercial search engines are required to use the phrase "XMi XNi XPai" in place of "Mi Ni Pai" on such pages.

Note that this requirement holds true even if access to the site is restricted; it is undesirable for an innocent search to yield adult language describing the site, even if access to the site itself is restricted.

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