Once you have prepared your tile images and backgrounds, you are ready to begin testing. You may decide to begin testing even before you have prepared all of your images and options (such as sounds, bonus images and effects). As long as you have at least 32 tile images, you can begin.

Before you procede with testing you need to produce a minimal applet web page. If you wish, you can use this

Local Testing

Any Java enabled browser should be able to open a local HTML file (containing an applet) and execute it (although some browsers are not as thoughtful as others). You should definitely begin your testing locally, if you can, without the need to upload files to a web site. Only when you are satisfied that you have set up your files and applet parameters properly (locally) should you move on to testing on the web.

Web Testing

To test your applet on the web, simply transfer all of the files, using the same directory structure, to your web space. These files should include (if you are using them):

The Applet HTML
Tile Images
Background Images
Bonus Images
Zoom Images
The Java Class Files
Any jar or zip files used
The Help Text

When testing on the web, pay attention not only to the operation of the game, but also to the time it takes various parts of the game to load.

The most common mistakes that you will find at this phase involve file names and directory structures (especially if your test machine was not case sensitive, but your web space is).

Important! Before you have registered, you may use a MNPSerialNo set to "testing". This will allow the applet to run. You should never allow any links to an applet using the "testing" serial number. You may test the applet yourself using an absolute URL. When you are ready to provide access to your edition (i.e. include links from other pages) you should register and change the serial number.

When It Works...

As soon as you get your applet running, you will want your visitors to be able to enjoy it. Procede to register your edition(s) and find out how to make your pages available immediately, without waiting for your registration to be processed.

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