Support and Upgrades


Mi Ni Pai will endeavor to provide the best support possible to all customers and potential customers. You may (and are encouraged to) contact Mi Ni Pai by e-mail at with any question, problem, suggestions or requests. Mi Ni Pai is especially dedicated to helping webmasters in preparing their editions (before they have paid any license fees). If you have any trouble whatsoever in getting your edition formatted and working, just ask!

Other Support Options

Mi Ni Pai does not currently provide phone or news server support. Registered customers will automatically recieve (by e-mail) upgrade and bug report notices.


You are urged to keep your Mi Ni Pai programs current. Java is an evolving language, and the fact that it is implemented on so many platforms also means that it is prone to bugs. New versions of Mi Ni Pai will constantly be made available, both to add new features and to eliminate bugs.

You may determine the version numbers of each of the Mi Ni Pai program modules that you are using by initiating a game and pressing the V key. Then examine the end of the Java Message Log (there should be a menu option to that effect on your browser). There you will see the version numbers which you are currently using. You may compare this to the version numbers currently available on the
Mi Ni Pai Current Version Page.

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