Mi Ni Pai

Choosing a Subject


While virtually any subject is good for a Mi Ni Pai edition, some subjects are definitely better than others. The subject must supply a selection of images with a general variation in color and brightness (otherwise all of the tiles blend together). In addition, when images are close in color and brightness there must be enough difference in the details to easily distinguish the two.

Since Mi Ni Pai tiles are taller than they are wide, the subject images should be similarly shaped. Images of people are well suited, as are book covers and paintings (which are usually taller than they are wide). Vehicles (like cars and planes) and four legged animals only work if they are viewed head on or from above, or if they can be stood on end.

When dealing with people, too many images of the same person may be difficult to discern, unless the degree and color of the lighting can be used to help distinguish the tiles.

When choosing a subject, consider the following points:

Can enough images be found that fit the tile dimensions?
Can recognizable parts of whole images be used as images?
Are the images visually appealing?
Do some of the images vary in color and brightness?
Is the game easily playable?

Within these minor limitations, virtually any subject can be made into a Mi Ni Pai game. Once the subject is chosen, picking the right images to make a tile set is another matter entirely...

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