Managing Sounds


The inclusion of sounds in the game is entirely optional. If you so wish, you can simply use some of the sample sound collections which can be found in the "sample sounds" directory, or you can leave sounds out entirely.

Sound Formats

All sounds must be in Sun au format (the only format which Java can handle, for now). If you have sounds in other formats you must locate a utility program to convert them to Sun au. An excellent drag-and-drop program that I found for the Macintosh is ConvertMachine, available by shareware ($10) through Kagi.

Setting Up Sounds

Each sound must be have particular name and reside in the same directory. The basic sounds available, and their file names, are:

New/Restart Game
Select a tile
Select and match a pair
Select a non-matching tile
Invalid action
Undo a match
Request a clue
Show a zoom image
Show a bonus image
Mark a spot in the game
Win the game
Lose the game

Choosing Basic Sounds

The game uses 13 basic sounds. If any sounds are included, then all 13 basic sounds must be included (you can leave out sounds for zoom or bonus images if your game does not supply them).

Usually, it is best to choose sounds which are in context with your subject. At the same time, it is important to choose sounds that are functional. "Functional" usually means small, as in "they load fast". In addition, sounds which play for "quick" events should themselves be quick. For example, selecting a tile is a relatively quick action. If the corresponding sound takes 15 seconds to play it detracts rather than adds to the game.

Sounds which should be very brief are:

Select at tile
Select but no match
Invalid selection
Mark a spot in the game
Undo a match

Sounds which may be a bit longer are:

Match a pair of tiles
Request a clue
A zoom image is displayed
A bonus image is displayed

Sounds which may be very long are:

Start or restart a game
Win the game
Lose the game

Sound must be turned on in the applet HTML in order to function.

Music (Continous Sound)

The game can play continuous music. The difference with continous sound is that the end of the sound must run smoothly into the beginning, since the sound loops. Any music clip will not suffice, you need a clip meant for continuous play.

The sound clip must be named, and reside in the same location as the other sounds.

A good source of such clips, as well as other special effects, is
Partners in Rhyme.

Music must be turned on in the applet HTML in order to function.

Periodic Sounds

One last, fun feature is the use of periodic sounds. Any number of sounds may be selected to be played at intervals, one after the other. After the last sound is played, the sequence repeats from the first sound. The number of periodic sounds and the time lapse between playing each sound is controlled in the applet HTML. The sounds must be named, where # is the number of the sound. If only one periodic sound is used, then the sound should be named simply

Sound Sources and Utilities

The sample games included in this kit include some sounds. If you can't find (or be bothered to find) sounds, or convert them to Sun Audio format, then you might want to use the sounds from the Flowers or Icons games.

You may also be able to find utilities or sounds if you follow these

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