Without the Internet


It is possible to bundle your files together into a zip file which your visitors can download and expand on their own systems. By opening the HTML containing the Mi Ni Pai applet with their browser, they can play the game locally without connecting to the Internet (both reducing the load on your site and improving their playing experience).

When you do so, the software which resides on the player's system is considered shareware, and they are asked to pay a shareware fee. Of course, very few of them actually will, but it's worth a try.

NOTE: You do not have permission to redistribute Mi Ni Pai in any other fasion than over the web. In order to include Mi Ni Pai in any CD-ROM or other media, please contact
Mi Ni Pai for a special agreement.

The Shareware GIF

The only special consideration which must be made in producing a downloadable zip file is to include the shareware GIF. Simply bundle this GIF file into your zip file (located in the same directory as your applet HTML, named simply "shareware"). Your zip file must also include all of the other components necessary for your game (with the same directory structure); tile images, bonus images, zoom images, background images and pattern, the help file, the java class files and any HTML you wish to include.

You are also asked to include (if convenient) the shareware GIF in the HTML you use in the zip file, as well as a standard Mi Ni Pai "Want to Find More Games?"
graphic and link.

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