Where do I send my payment?


Congratulations! You have your Mi Ni Pai edition ready and are moments away from sharing it with the entire world. You need only confirm that you have met your licensing obligations, send in your registration fee and adjust your serial number.

The Mi Ni Pai Java software itself is copyrighted by Robert N. Lacatena (1998). Licenses are available to host editions of the game on a web site with fees depending on the volume of traffic at your site. A separate license must be purchased for each edition of the game available on the web at one time.

It is solely your responsibility to obtain images and the copyrights to those images, and to format those images for use in the game. Graphic arts services specifically for creating tile sets (from images you supply) are available.


A single site may host one or more "editions" of Mi Ni Pai, however each separate edition requires a separate license.

The purpose of editions is to ensure that a license fee is paid for each "unique" game. To this end, certain applet parameters (those which control the selection of tile images) may not be varied. These parameters are termed "
Edition Constants". Any variation in these parameters constitutes a separate edition and requires a separate license. Note that you are allowed to place any number of Mi Ni Pai applets on your pages, with variations on all other parameters, provided that the edition constants are the same. Also note that over time you are allowed to change the edition constants (for example, to add more tile sets to your collection, or to change the location of the files), provided that at any one time all applets have the same edition constants.


Sites which host Mi Ni Pai editions are required to meet certain other minimal obligations, in addition to paying the appropriate license fee.

Fees and Obligations


Each Mi Ni Pai license is valid for one edition for one year, from the date of receipt of payment. The amount of payment is dependent on your current estimated site traffic. No further payments are necessary if your site traffic increases within the license period. No proof of site traffic is necessary, however you are expected to be honest and realistic in your estimate.

Examine the Fee Schedule

With your registration please provide the following information:

Contact Name  
Site Name This is the name of your site. It will be carried on the Mi Ni Pai Games page with the link to your site.
Site URL This is the URL to your main page. It will be carried on the Mi Ni Pai Games page.
Estimated Site Traffic An estimate of the daily number of hits your site will receive over the next year.
License Type From the fee schedule: Personal, Personal Plus, Professional, Commerial or Industrial
Password Protected If the area of your site which contains the Mi Ni Pai edition(s) is password protected, state that it is "password protected".

If you are using any Age Verification systems, list them here.
Site ID If your site is password protected, you must supply a site ID and password with which Mi Ni Pai can confirm your edition parameters.
Site Password See above.
E-mail Address This is necessary for you to receive your Mi Ni Pai serial number, as well as upgrade and bug notifications.
Postal Address (optional)  
Phone Number(s) (optional) Please provide this in the event that we have problems processing your registration.
Registry Text This is the exact text which you intend to include in your Registry applet parameter.
Edition Title (optional) This is the text which will be used on the link to your game in the Mi Ni Pai Games page.
Edition URL (optional) This is the URL to your game or game lead in page, if you wish the Mi Ni Pai Games page to carry a link directly to your game. Do not include this if you do not want a link directly to your game page (so players must navigate your site through your main page).
Representative Tile URL This is an absolute URL to the tile image which you wish to use on the Mi Ni Pai Games page to represent your game or site link.

If any of the above information changes at any time, you may correct it online at the
Mi Ni Pai Registration Update page.

You must also print, sign and include the
Site Host License Agreement.

Mi Ni Pai does not currently accept credit card payments (on the off chance that we do, now, you might want to check the
current web site).

Mail your registration, with payment by check or money order payable to Robert N. Lacatena, to:

Mi Ni Pai
P.O. Box 506
Ashland, Ma. 01721

As soon as your registration is received, you will be added to the links page and e-mailed a unique Mi Ni Pai serial number. Until you receive that number, you are welcome to make your pages available on the web using "pending" as your Mi Ni Pai serial number. As soon as you receive your unique serial number you should update your web pages with it.

Sites which adopt the "pending" serial number will be given a grace period of 30 days in which to register, receive a unique serial number and post it on the web.

You must not use your serial number on other web domains or with other
editions. If you wish to relocate your game (to a different domain) you may temporarily use "relocating" as the serial number on the original version of the applet. As soon as your new domain is operating and available you should remove the original applet.

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