What's New In The Host Kit


This latest edition of the host kit includes a few small but useful modifications to the Mi Ni Pai program, and the documentation on how to use these changes.

Frame Width

Some players were complaining that it was difficult to distinguish the edges of tiles, particularly when they were on different levels ("is that tile trapped, or not?"). To rectify this, three "frame" parameters were added to allow you to increase the size of the frame drawn around each tile. A thicker frame will help make the edges of the tiles easier to distinguish. Frames can be controlled with the new frameWidth, frameFade and frameInset parameters (as well as the old frameColor parameter).

New Layouts

New layouts have been added to the game. This was done primarily to allow the design of larger tiles. Many of the new layouts have smaller dimensions (usually 11 by 7, rather than 15 by 8), and so can fit larger tiles in the same game size. For example, 640x480 screen sizes needed roughly 50x40 tiles for the 15x8 layouts, but can use 55x55 tiles in the 11x7 layouts.

Note that if you do use the more compact layouts with larger tiles, you should exclude any layouts which will not fit in the applet width/height (or
gameWidth and gameHeight) that you define.

Also note that some of the layouts (both new and old) can be almost impossible to win with a random deal (there is simply too much chance that three tiles in the same set will be stacked on top of each other, making the bottom two impossible to remove). To compensate for this, then next option has been added...

Winnable Deals

The new winnable option has been added to make certain that the game is always winnable. If left out or set to a negative number, an ordinary random deal will be used, possibly resulting in an unwinnable game. If winnable is set to 0 or some positive number, then the deal will be done in a way to guarantee that the game is winnable. In addition, the winnable parameter value can help determine how difficult the game will be to win. A value of 0 will produce an easily won game. Higher values will (or should) make the game increasingly more difficult. Note that generally increments of 50 should be used to make the difference in difficulty noticible.

magikMode parameter has also been added. Editions should never be published on the web with magikMode on! Magik Mode will turn on several commands (some of them new) which can aid in testing or debugging editions.

Updating Your Edition

If you already have your Mi Ni Pai edition on the Web, and wish to include one or more of these new options, then you must update your TileMatch, TileGame, TileMatchBuffer, and TileAnimator class files (the new version is 0.0e; if you want to play it safe, just update all of your class files) with the versions available in this host kit. You must also update your applet HTML to include whichever parameters you intend to use.

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