Mi Ni Pai

Introduction to Mi Ni Pai

What It Is

Mi Ni Pai is a "Java implementation" of the popular Mah Jongg solitaire game. Various "editions" of the game can be hosted by different web sites, using images relevant to (and available from) that web site.

Any web site may choose to host a Mi Ni Pai edition. Doing so provides a feature of your site which will help to draw new visitors (who come looking for new Mi Ni Pai editions to play), and will help those visitors to become involved in your images and subject.

What You Need To Do

Setting up a Mi Ni Pai edition on your own web site is easy and painless. This documentation contains all you need to know, as well as where to go to get help.

To set up the game, you start by
creating "tile collections" from the images that you have chosen to use. You next set up the applet HTML in a web page, using the supplied Java programs, and test it. Once you are satisfied with your edition, you may pay the license fee to register the game and make it available to visitors to your site.

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