Brief Instructions for Mi Ni Pai

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Animated sample Mi Ni Pai game

Mi Ni Pai is a solitaire tile matching game.
The object of the game is to remove all of the tiles.
Tiles must be removed in matching pairs, and only tiles which are not "trapped" may be matched.
A tile is trapped if it has other tiles on both sides or above it (even partially).

Click on a tile to select it. Click on a matching tile to remove the pair.
Double-click a tile to see it more clearly.
When you match all 4 tiles in a set, you may be treated to a bonus image.

O Options screen
Control-N Start a new game
Control-S Start this game over
Delete Undo the last match
R Redo the last undo
H Help
Control-C Get a clue (repeat for better clues)

In the following examples, the green tiles may be removed, but the pink tiles may not.
Tile trapped between two othersTiles trapped beneath anotherTiles trapped between offset tiles

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