Fee Schedule


The Mi Ni Pai Java software itself is copyrighted by Robert N. Lacatena (1998). Licenses are available to host editions of the game on a web site with fees depending on the volume of traffic at your site. A separate license must be purchased for each edition of the game available on the web at one time.

Each host kit comes with complete instructions on how to create tile sets, establish game characteristics and publish the game on your web site. It is solely your responsibility to obtain images and the copyrights to those images, and to format those images for use in the game. Graphic arts services specifically for creating tile sets (from images you supply) are available. Free technical support is also available to help you get through any problems setting up the HTML.


A single site may host one or more "editions" of Mi Ni Pai, however each separate edition requires a separate license. A precise definition of an "edition" is given in Licensing and Registration, however in general an edition is a game using one collection of tile images on a particular web domain (i.e. each separate collection of tile images on each domain constitutes a separate edition).

Fee Schedule

License fees for actually hosting an edition of the game on the Web are based on estimated site traffic. License fees are good for one full year (after which they may be renewed).

License Name

Estimated Site Hits Per Day

Annual Fee per Edition













For an additional fee of $500, Mi Ni Pai will format a set of images which you supply as tiles (one set of 36). Fees for more than 36 tile sets are negotiable.

Estimating Site Traffic

You are not required to justify your estimate of site traffic; simply be honest and fair. If your site traffic increases over the course of the year, you are not required to increase your license fee. The fee will stand until the end of one year (when your new annual license fee is due, shoud you choose to renew your edition).


Web sites which host Mi Ni Pai games will be required to meet certain other, non-monetary obligations. These include:

Your Mi Ni Pai applet or lead in page must include a link to the Mi Ni Pai home page, using a standard or an approved (customized) graphic or text.
No reference to "Mi Ni Pai" may be made for an edition which contains adult content on any page which is available to a publicly available Web search engine (use "XMi XNi XPai" instead). Mi Ni Pai will not add adult content games to it's own links page.
Any site which restricts access through the use of passwords must supply Mi Ni Pai with an ID and password (with which to monitor editions).
Any editions which are made available for download (and local play) must include the required Mi Ni Pai shareware message components.

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