Command Summary

This table summarizes the available commands.

Note that not all commands are relevant to all editions (depending on whether or not the host included those options), particularly those pertaining to bonus and zoom images, layouts, multiple levels and multiple tile sets.

Remember that on some systems for some commands the control key may not work. If not, try the Alt or Macintosh command keys.

control-N Start a new game.
control-S Start the same game over.
control-C Get the next clue.
Undo the last match.
R Redo the last match.
M Mark the current spot in the game.
Undo matches to the previous marked spot in the game.
control-R Redo matches to the next marked spot in the game.
control-click (select a tile) Undo matches to the last time a pair for this tile was matched.
control-shift-click (select a tile) Redo all matches to the next time a pair for this tile was matched.
double-click (select a tile) Zoom a tile (view a larger image).
O Show the options screen.
H Show the help screen.
W Open the game in its own window (separate from the web page containing the Mi Ni Pai applet).
F Show the next (forward) earned bonus image.
B Show the previous (backward) earned bonus image.
Z Show a slide show of all earned bonus images.
. (period) Stop any slide show in progress.
control-L Switch to the next available layout.
control-digit (1-4) Switch levels.
control-shift-digit Switch tile sets.
? Show the current level, tile set and layout (in the browser status bar).

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