Sample Games


These are sample games that you can play (you can find brief instructions here). A fair variety of applet parameter variations (all using the same tiles) have been included to act as examples for implementing various options and applet parameters.

Links to Games

Tile Variations

Flowers Icons

Sound Variations

No sound Sounds, no music
Sound and Music Sound and Periodic Sounds

Effects Variations

None Fade Dissolve Twinkle
Waver Twinkle Slow Twinkle Fast Twinkle A Lot
Glow Waver Big Waver Small Coast
Slide Drop Float Fly
Fall Take Off Wander Wander a lot
Fly slowly Swirl Swirl Tightly Swirl Widely
Coast Fast Wander and Fade Coast and Glow Fly and Twinkle


Random Backgrounds Backgrounds by Level Backgrounds by Layout

Bonus and Zoom Images

Bonus and zoom Bonus only
Zoom only Zoom using scaled bonus
Bonus allowed but initially off No Bonus or Zoom


Standard Bridge Castle
Room Towers Child

Winnable and Frame Width

Random Difficulty 0 Difficulty 50
Difficulty 100 Difficulty 150 Difficulty 200


32x32 Tiles Level 2

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